Friday, October 17, 2008

Random extras going on while on bedrest...

My lease on my car is up! We've been so consumed with baby and then my stint in the hospital that I completely forgot that my lease is up this coming Tuesday! Yikes! We made a run on Wednesday after my doctor's appointment to visit the dealership where I got my Mazda 3 to see what our options were. They gave us some really good loyalty prices for both the CX-7 and the Mazda 5. Then DH wanted to just double check to see if we could get a good rate on the Nissan Murano. We're at that point in our family where we need the space because any time we need to get something bulk we have to rely on our neighbor or my uncle or have to rent a truck. Plus now with the baby, car seat, stroller, etc. and my daughter, we want to be able to go on road trips without having to rent a car all the time, too. When we get to the Nissan dealership the salesman was unbudging, you'd think with the economy the way it is, they'd be begging people to buy their cars. Oh, well, no such luck. But it doesn't matter after asking a few people and doing some research both the Murano and the CX-7 are worse for gas. NUFF SAID! I never thought that at 35 I'd be getting myself into a Mazda 5. If you don't know, the M5 is just a sexy (I think so) version of a minivan. Yes, I said it! A minivan! It's really a mini-minivan, see for yourself:

It's kind of a cross between an SUV and a minivan, right? I've spent the past 2 days wrapping my brain around it, and it is a very practical car for a mom of two. By this time next week, I will be a mini-minivan driver - SEXY!!!

HALLOWEEN 2009! This is the first year that we'll have no decorations in front of our house. I'm devasted and so is my daughter. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. I love dressing up with my daughter and our dog. Eventually, I want to be the "IT" house with all the decorations that the kids can't stop talking about. And of course, I'd love to host a Halloween party! This year my mom took us to pick out Maddy's costume. Last year she and I were "pretty" as Cleopatras (yes, we usually match in some kind of way, and last year we were identical). This time she wanted to do scary, and she finally decided on being "A Very BAT Girl", which looks like a dead Wednesday from the Adam's Family except with black bat wings. See:

I'm hoping that my mom will be able to get here early enough on Halloween to take her trick or treating in the neighborhood or maybe one of the neighbors will take her. I'm already feeling withdrawal from it all. *sniff sniff*


Cody said...

XD i can so see you in a minivan, and by the way Wednesday, is from the Addams family not the Munsters.

Christine said...

yeah for random thoughts and keeping you busy!

i have a murano - and get 22.5 mpg - you are not missing out on anything.

i like the m5 - sleek!!!

you'll have to post pics when Maddy is all decked out for Halloween.