Thursday, October 16, 2008

29 WEEKS!!!

I'm officially back at the MFM's office for my now weekly appointments. I had an 11am appointment and I got there at 10:45. I didn't get called in until 11:30, which was unusual to wait that long. Anyway, I love going there because the nurses and my doctor always faun over my Liz Clairborne purse. It's a mustard yellow color and the envy of every woman and since I got back in July they always joke that it's a conspiracy that no one else can find this bag. So yesterday was no different. I left my bag while I emptied my bladder and when I came out they were all clamoring around it. My MFM was like, "I knew you were here cuz no one else has that damn bag! I've been to almost every Macy's and I still can't find it!" Thanks to my bag I was lulled into this blissful sense of security. Until *dramatic music* a new ultrasound tech tried to give me a heart attach! She fishing around in my cervix for a good 8 minutes with this look on her face, so I finally ask, "Is something wrong, cuz I know this is your first time looking at my cervix, you need to understand it's very incompetent". She gives a nervous laugh and asks, "What was your cervix at last check?" I explained my stint in the hospital with a 1.4 cervix. She drops the bomb, "Oh, b/c it's looking like it's barely 1.0, I think I should have an associate come in and double check". Great! Now I'm in panic mode, yet again, and tell her, "Look you need to skip the middle man and get my doctor in here, b/c if it is 1.o, she's going to send me immediately over to L&D". She agrees and rushes out leaving me to panic. My MFM comes in as usual with her smiles and sunshine, "Look, this can't be right. Don't worry we're not sending you anywhere." The two of them spent a grueling 5 minutes groping my insides, MFM saying exactly what I told the tech, "She has a very complicated cervix, you have to check it at just the right angle, and make sure you measure out from the cerclage". My MFM showed her where to catch the length and with her usual flair, she announced, "See, told you I wasn't sending you anywhere, it's still about 1.4 borderline 1.5". RELIEF!! I could have bitch slapped that tech, and I could tell my doctor was showing restraint at her frustration with the tech. After that she did Slinky's measurements and he's up to 2lbs 13oz - Almost there!! They them put me on the monitor for a "TOKO" which I've come to understand checks for contractions. Since I had 1 on the way and 1 in the waiting room, I didn't expect much. I was right, I only had 1 that measured at 37, not too bad at all. Oh, and I also told MFM that the Procardia was giving me really bad headaches, so she said we can try taking it down to twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. So far, so good, no headache.

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Christine said...

Yeah!!! Good report! Can I send over a slap for that tech??
With all this time on your hands with bed rest - you have plenty of time to blog now.

I think we should find a daily subject so you can entertain me :)

Lets see today is Thursday - maybe tell me all about the impending Halloween celebration.... Have you picked an outfit for your little girl this year?