Monday, November 10, 2008

Shopping trip to Babies R Us!

Without the benefit of having the big family shower, we were really limited in necessary items for the baby's inevitable early arrival. I consulted with my lovely IVF moms on the forum for a list of things to get. Saturday around 12ish, my mom came and picked us up (Maddy too) and she let me drive without hassle. It was a yucky rainy day, but it was warm, around 63. My grandmother was spending the weekend with my aunt and uncle and they were originally going to bring her over to my house, but I always want to get out, so they agreed we'd hang out over there after Babies R Us. When we got there, I went immediately to the registry machine to print out a new copy of my registry. With that and my handy dandy list we were on our way. The wheelchair seems to really help because within seconds we had an associate following us around helping us get our items - SWEET! This is what we walked away with:
  • Gracco Travel Milano Travel system (car seat & stroller combo)
  • caps, mitts, socks
  • 2 fleece sleepers
  • towels & wash clothes
  • lotion, soap, diaper cream set
  • sleep positioner
  • mattress crib pad
  • burp clothes
  • and ordered diapers/wipes online

I still need to get Mylicon drops, baby tylenol, breast pads and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I added his outfit, blanket, socks, and cap to my hospital bag. Tomorrow is 33 weeks...stay tuned for the MFM report!

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cuz niiki said...

i am about to send you a long email.....don't buy the tylenol or mylicon. do you want any tubs of a&d ointment. the best i will be able to do right now may be if my dad is going to brooklyn and drop it off at your aunts.....