Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pics of the Nursery!!

The Theme is Goodnight Stars...the tree was in the room from the previous owners and I loved it, so it stayed. The rocking chair I've had since I was preggers with Maddy (it was a gift replacement to a rocking chair I had since I was a baby that was stolen while in college).

Then I wanted to get baskets to put on the shelf to hold his toiletries and such, but when I went to the craft store I couldn't believe how expensive the baskets were. Not to mention most of the baskets came in sets of 3 with different sizes, when I wanted 2 of the same size. Instead of leaving empty handed or paying too much, I decided to do what I do best: CREATE!! Here are some pics of my latest creation:

My blank canvas, a small bare crate(s):

Add 3 fresh coats of Sunshine Yellow:

Then I added these words of inspiration for Slinky:

The final "Mommy Baskets" on the shelf:

I LOVE IT!! And the best part, the cost of the crates, paint, brush, words, wooden accents, cost a third of the cost of ONE regular old wicker basket...HA!!! Creativity at its best!!


Jen said...

I'm sad to hear that your original baby rocker was stolen back then. I still have the same rocker that my mom rocked me in. However, I don't use it for Caroline...quite honestly, it's just not too comfy! :) Don't know what we'd do without our plush, comfy glider/recliner! :) Oh, and I can't see the pics...they are just blank squares :(

Janeita B. said...

I cant see the pics either...when you click on them it says forbidden, not viewable or something of that nature. BTW, if you want, I have a medium wicker basket that I was going to throw away -no real use for it- would you like it? Let me know, you can just sned me a facebook post or something

Janeita B. said...

I can only see the first 3 pics. Btw, I have a medium size wicker basket that I was going to throw away, no use for it. Would you like it? If so, send me a facebook post or something, I can show you what it looks like or whatever, and I can find a way to drop it off, since I'm still in NY. Just let me know! And the pics that I have seen look fabulous!!

Steph and Dusty said...

I love your nursery. The tree is pretty cool and I really like the yellow color of the basket. You are getting close. I am getting ready to start my first IVF cycle and am very nervous. Thanks again for sharing.

CBCD: Candian-Born Confused Desi said...

okay, those baskets are AMAZING. i love the colors (yellows and blues!). and that tree is GORGEOUS. though it doesnt look exactly like the cover, it still reminds me of the giving tree. :) you're so creative!! gah. are you planning on painting the walls or keeping them white?

Christine said...

Oh what a beautiful room!

Jen said...

Yay! So glad I'm getting to see his room! I applaud your craftiness, too! :) He'll be here before you know it!