Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I can't believe this...

I spent 10 hours yesterday in the ER!! You know how I've been bleeding, right? Well, the 5 day Progesterone therapy didn't work. On Saturday, I started to feel some minor discomfort. By Sunday, the bleeding and discomfort got a little worse. I wasn't going to do anything b/c I knew I had me follow-up on Monday. Monday gets here and at my appointment the doctor still doesn't see a reason or cause for the excessive bleeding. He decides I need to have a DNC to scrape out the lining and start from scratch. This way they can run tests on the lining to get some hopeful answers. The nurse tells me they will call me later in the week to schedule me as an outpatient with the hospital. Ok, right? WRONG!!! I wake up at 4:30am Tuesday morning and I call hubby. The bleeding has tripled now and nursing Lincoln causes even heavier gushing! I tell him I'm going to call doc at 9am...but the pain and bleeding get worse so I call the emergency line at 6am. The doc tells me to go to the Emergency room after I get my daughter off to school and he'll call it in for me to have an emergency DNC b/c he couldn't guarantee me an appointment until next week. GREAT! I bundle Lincoln up in his pjs, get Maddy off to school, get gas, sit through traffic and arrive at the hospital just in time to see hubby parking his car outside the ER parking lot around 9:30. We go in fill in paperwork. We wait. They call me to triage around 10 and confirm that my doctor did call it in. We wait. I nurse Lincoln in agony. They call me to the registration desk around 11. We wait. I nurse Lincoln in agony. (I tell you the love of child!!) They call me to a bed around 11:30 and this is where the real waiting begins. Mom and hubby trade places around 12:30, and mom takes Lincoln to the regular waiting area since my doctor showed up and raised bloody hell we thought I'd be going in soon. (This is the doctor in the practice I don't normally like for his harsh bedside manner, but let me tell you it worked in my favor yesterday b/c he ripped the ER staff a new one). Shortly after he came in to see how I was doing, a nurse came over and told me that he had cursed out the staff b/c his patient had been waiting since this morning, he had called it in to avoid having me sit there in the ER, and he was sick of it. YEAH!! I like him now! I feed Lincoln one more time before mom and hubby switch places again so mom could take Lincoln home and be there when Maddy got off the bus. Throughout all of this I was in and out of sleep to avoid the pain. One minute it was 3pm and the next it's almost 4 and the OR is calling for me. Of course the ER that had me all day was not ready with my paperwork and we had to wait some more. I kissed hubby goodbye 4:30 and waited in pre-op til almost 5pm. They wheeled me into one of the newest and biggest operating room in the hospital (talk about intimidating and special at the same time). Then to my surprise OB1 shows up and tells me he's doing the procedure I almost cried I was so happy to see him and know he agreed with the course his colleauge decided to take. They filled me with antibiotics first, then the anesthesiologist told the doctors to go scrub up, I was told have a nice nap and this might burn a little. I remember feeling like my arm was set on fire and trying to rip it from the table straps and screaming, "Whoa!"...next thing I know I crying, "Where's my husband?" over and over like some geriatric patient. When I looked at the time it was minutes to 5:30. I knew I had to stay in recovery for almost an hour before I could see David or get something to eat (forget to complain about being starved as usual...hadn't eaten since the night before). They wheeled me down to him just shy of 6:30. I went to the bathroom twice with minor bleeding and the stuff they put in there. I was given 2 cups of tea, apple juice, pound cake and 8 saltine crackers before I was discharged around 7:30. On the other side of LI my son was giving my mother a hell of a screaming match for several hours. He refused to sleep, only wanted eat, be held, and scream some more. The minute I walked in the door and held him, all was right in his world again. Spoiled already, my mother thinks, but unlike with the Lion King night time hours with daddy home too! This was the first time he didn't have either of us. I only held him for 2 minutes b/c I thought my boobs were going to explode after leaking all over the hospital gowns. The pumping started the cramps and I've had them ever since. I have to pump to toss out for 24 hours which to me is like throwing gold down the drain. The precious! Thankfully I have my little stockpile in the freezer and formula as a backup. Lincoln is still rooting for the boobies but is content enough to just stare at me with the bottle. I can't wait til after 6pm to go back to nursing him. I have my follow-up next Tuesday to see what the pathology report discovers. I'm nervous and praying that it's something simple that caused the bleeding. The ER doc thought it was a piece of placenta, but my doc said no due to the intensive sono they did and the 2 internal exams. We'll see who was right next week. I'm going to go take a nap now!


CBCD: Candian-Born Confused Desi said...

Yeesh! Have the cramps lessened? And at least most of that stuff is gone now, right? I just hope everything is okay with you health-wise (which I'm sure will be the case).

Watch, I'll tell my mom about this and she'll tell me to tell you to start practicing yoga breathing exercises. That's her answer to everything...haha

Feel better! <3

Zoie said...

Hang in there. I hope the docs. have an answer for you.