Sunday, February 8, 2009

A night out with my first baby ...

Surprise Surprise!! My mom had bought a ticket for Maddy to see Lion King for Christmas and I bought one for myself. Maddy had no idea of course, but knew that there was a surprise coming. On Friday, I made sure to pump before we left the house (didn't help though, I had 2 let-downs while we were out - Ouch!) We took the LIRR to Penn Station and I asked her if this was all her surprise was, would she be ok with that? She said, "Sure mom" with a smile. Then we took another train to 42nd street. When we hit the sidewalk she was in total awe:"Thank you mom, Thank you! I've always wanted to come to Broadway!!"
We took a few pics and then crossed the street to the Super Toys R Us with the Ferris Wheel. Again, complete awe and gratitude: "I can see everything from here!"

"This Barbie Doll House is HUGE!"

"Wow, the dinosaur moves...Yikes!!"

She just kept thanking me and saying "AWesome!!" With each thing that we did, she thought that that was her surprise. By the time we hit Friday's (her choice for dessert where she ended up ordering chicken fingers instead) she was content...until I told the waitress to hurry up because Madison had plans at 8pm. "There's MORE?!?!" We ran out of Friday's at 7:45 and as we're running across the street towards the theater, she kept guessing, "I hope it's a movie...I hope it's Mary Poppins...I wish it was Lion King..." we steps outside the theater, "IT IS THE LION KING...IT IS!!" We had an awesomw time. This way she knows that she will always be mommy's first.


Bonnie said...

Pheebs - You are a wise Mommy. I was 7 when my sister was born, and I still remember the feeling of going from the top spot to the second wheel position. I guess parents (and grandparents) didn't know any better back in the stone age. Anyway, I've actually been thinking about Madison, because unlike a toddler who suddenly becomes a sibling, a kid Maddie's age is very aware of being displaced. Therefore, I have nothing but praise for what you and your Mom did for her. It was a brilliant move. Take it from someone who knows!
Love ya!


PS - As you can imagine, I started taking Seth to Bdwy shows when he was eight. We've been to - I can't even guess - dozens and dozens? - of shows together over the course of the last 19 or so years. His grandmother often accompanied us. His fondest memories are, without a doubt, those special outings to Bdwy, especially the ones with Grandma Elaine.

Jen said...

Hey Phoebe! Long time no see! I've somehow lost you on my bloglist...but now I've found you!

Just wanted to tell you that you look MAH-VALOUS for just having a baby boy! :)