Friday, March 6, 2009

Getting so Big Already...

Today was Lincoln's 3 month check up...I know! 3 months already, right?! Well, let me tell you my sweet little man has jumped 9 whole pounds and grown 5 inches! He is 13lbs 12oz and 23in long! Wow! Look at the difference from birth to now:

It's amazing to me how much he's changed from then to now. He's picking up his head, holding on to things, laughing, cooing, babbling...I just am so in love with him and I get such immense joy in watching him. *Sigh*

As for me, this week I finally had my postpartum appointment. The bleeding has stopped (for now) they still can't say for sure if this last time was an actual period or not. They drew blood, did a swab and scrapped culture, and I had another sonogram. In 2 weeks I have the biopsy and hopefully will finally have an answer to all of this. The really annoying idea is that after having hubby have his vasectomy I just may have to go on birth control pills to help with it all. Ironic right? NOT!!

***Oh, and we bought his christening gown for his excited!!!

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Jen said...

Oh my goodness, Phoebe!! Long time, no "see"! I can't believe I lost track of you!

Lincoln is quite a cutie! Would love to be able to pinch those cheeks!

Caroline has become quite the giant...she's not really chunky, just "tall" and heavy. We're seriously hoping for a b-ball player...a college scholarship would be great! Or she could just be really smart...either way! :)

I promise to be a better blog-friend!