Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Guess what Linky can do now? Grab my face!! (well it's more of a sweeping hand motion that kinda lands on my face for brief periods of time, but I love it). We spent a cool 30 minutes today just staring into each other's eyes, talking, and laughing - man, it was so wonderful! No matter what hubby or Maddy did, he refused to break eye contact! Finally - a man that actually hangs on to my every word! Ha!

It's just days before the big christening and I've got my hands in a million different pots. I've decided to become an active member of my sorority again (ie: financial), and the chapter I'm joining has me studying for a test for my reclamation. The test and chapter meeting are this Saturday. I know! The day before the christening, my mom is gonna freak! But luckily it's early in the morning and they're guaranteeing I'll be done by afternoon - WHEW! Then next week Saturday they are hosting my "coming out" in a Rededication Brunch. I'm so excited!! I invited a few friends and family (boss lady if you're interested drop me a line *snicker snicker*).

To add more stress to my days, I've decided to do a few surprise projects for Linky's christening. I just finished #3 of the projects and I hope to Jeez that #1 & #2 get here by Saturday or I'll seriously cry myself a river. I can't wait to reveal everything after church. I won't post it here until after in case someone sees them and snitches (then I'd be tried for murder!) Be anxious with me!

Oh, and back to the sorority... I have 3 projects that I must complete to become active again
1. A presentation for my "coming out" brunch
2. A presentation to the chapter to be implemented at some point
3. A project that will benefit the community
...women do this all the time and work, take care of house and kids, right? I'll be fine, I like a challenge. Plus, once I'm active I hope to get Maddy involved in their youth affliation. She'll love that.

Sheesh, it's 11:52pm! I really should be asleep right now...I'm sure I have more to say...oh yeah, really quickly:
* I started a new blanket, my cousin calls it Lincoln's "big boy blanket", its got 228 stitches and I'm only on row 25...why do I do these things to myself.
* I made Lincolns invitations myself...I'll scan it in to show maybe tomorrow (hubby thought I had them made!)
* I got a bill for Dept of Ed to pay back $838.94 for borrowing days while on bedrest. Can you believe that ISH?!!

ok, for real, i'm going to bed now...

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