Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Four months old and look what I can do!!!

Linc can completely lift himself up and stay there for a while! Nap time is getting a bit more challenging because before I would just lay him down after nursing him and soon he'd just drift off for his little 20 minute catnaps...but now that he can put his head up, as soon as I lay him down, he pops his head right back up. It's sorta like playing whack-a-mole, I lay him down, put his head down with the binky, I walk away....HEADS UP! We do this about 7 times until he's tuckered himself out, lays down to watch his aquamotion toy, and then drifts off for his power nap. Then I run around the house for those few minutes like: what I can do quickly? laudry? season chicken? sweep? dust? fold clothes? Man, half the time I use contemplating and by the time I start to do something, guess what? Yup! He's up! And guess what he's up right now...Dangit!!!!! Will add titles to the below in a few...
Ok, so where was I? Ah yes, titling the pics: Here he is doing "push ups" with daddy!

On the way down was hilarious because he kept laying down cracking up. I have to videotape the next time it happens!

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