Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Rest of Our Vacation Summed Up...


Won't have the cool parasailing pics until one of the daddy's on the trip uploads them to the group, needless to say, we all went parasailing for the first time! Due to the weight of the daddies, I had to go up with Maddy and Anton (one of the sons, he was 12). That first lift off the boat was a bit of a doozy but after that it was pretty amazing being in the air. We were able to see a sea turtle, a tiny tiger shark, and a whole school of jelly fish from up above. It was exhilarating. Then a few members of the group went on the jet skis and the rest of us hung back with the kids on the beach. We let them go directly into the pool after that while Linky and I tried to take a nap (he was asleep by the time we reached the condo but of course the minute I tried to take a shower and wash my hair, he was wide awake!)

Then every one just kind of chilled out until dinner time where we all did the big dinner at one of the Calabash Buffets...can you say: "All you can eat crab legs"? YUMMY!!!!

The young fellas waiting for beach time
All the couples and all the kiddies right before we went out to each! Big crew!!

We spent our last day enjoying the warm Myrtle Beach Sun and water (I could not believe that no matter what time of day, that water was so wonderfully warm). Linky was in the water all of 30 minutes before he willingly admitted, "Nite nite" and passed out. I sat in a beach chair in the water as the waves lapped us up and kept us cool. His hat and mine gave us just enough shade. Afterwards, we packed up, went to Joe's Crab shack for dinner, and the Ripley's Aquarium. We said our goodbyes to the group, packed up the car, took a nap from 10-2am, and were NY bound by 3am.

It was theee best family vacation ever!! I'm proud to say that the kids were so great on this trip even during the grueling 8 and then 3 hour drive home. Hubby was so loving and attentive. And if I could live by the beach for the rest of my days, I'd be one happy mama!

We were even able to make a pit stop on the way home to visit Hubby's sister and her family in Delaware. We stayed for about 6 hours and had lunch. I took a glorious nap with Linky for about 2 hours while Maddy played with her cousins and Hubby caught up with his sister, brother-in-law, and brother who coincidentally showed up for the weekend!

All in all, I'm exhausted but my soul is happy.

Next, our 5 year wedding anniversary get-a-way! Stay tuned!


Ms. Understood said...

What a wonderful vacation. And girl, your smile is radiant!!!

I'd Rather said...

5 years congrats! That is a whole army of kids...I bet they have so much fun.