Sunday, March 21, 2010

Songs on the radio that get you in trouble...

Whenever it's chilly outside, I usually start the car to let it warm up before strapping the kids in. I have to make sure when I do this that the radio is turned off! Today while getting Lincoln settled in his car seat the radio was blaring on whatever station I had left it on yesterday. I was oblivious to what was playing since Linky was busy trying to blow spit all over him, the carseat and me. It wasn't until I was getting in and Maddy asked the question that I had to pause and listen to what was playing. The question, you ask?

"What's the big deal if the neighbors know your name? Of course they know your name cuz they live right night door!"

WTH! I listened for all of a fraction of a second and when recognition hit me, I quickly changed the station. Trey Songz was lamenting in his new song, "Neighbors Know My Name" and Maddy was annoyed.

"Mom, wasn't that song silly? Why would you need to sing a song about something that's obvious?"

My answer: "Huh, yeah really silly! Seat belt on? Let's go!"

Anyone else have this problem?
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Mocha Dad said...

There is a lyric in a gospel song that says, "I'm happy Jesus died." My 6-year son gets upset when he hears it because he can't understand why the singer is so happy that someone killed Jesus.

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

@Mocha Dad - I think your song would have been waaaaaay more difficult to explain!

Keith said...

That is my radio life! We listen to the lite station and the classic R & B station in the car. Good thing the young kids don't really know what's going on with the music. Heck, I just figured out what half of my favorite songs from the 80s were really talking about.