Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Am I crazy?

I haven't stopped blubbering since 5am this morning. Either the other
moms are really strong or I'm nuts for crying as much as I have. I
cried pulling out of the driveway, I cried parking in front of school,
I cried when the smell of this high school hit me, I cried when
payroll secretary and two different assistant principals hugged me, I
cried when I got my shitty ass late schedule with the shittiest class
possible on it (sophomore College Writing - which is basically Regents
prep) and a new class of all sophomore boys, and I continue to cry
with each text message of encouragement. But I feel like I'm the odd
one b/c none of the other
Mommies are upset (at least they're not showing that they are). If I
was home right now, Linky and I would be cuddled up watching Sesame
Street and Linky would be singing to me. Man, I miss him so much!

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