Monday, September 28, 2009

Linkosan - Baby Sumo in the light weight division!!

After washing Lincoln's hair on Sunday, I realized just how long it is and thought, "Hm, I wonder if it can fit in a ponytail?" Voila! It can! My dad thought I chopped it all off until he took a closer look at the back of Link's head. Hee hee hee....I can blow this up when he goes on his first date.

On a sadder note, the milk well has almost run dry. While pumping last week, I was barely getting 3 oz out of both boobs. Sad to say that because of the low numbers I've decided to stop pumping, and only nurse him after meals or while out and about. It's still his top choice first thing in the morning and I am fullest then. The trick now will be to get him to nurse before I go to work in morning. I figure I only have a few more weeks left. All in all I think I did pretty well, Lincoln will be 10 months on Thursday. I was only able to nurse Maddy up until 6 months, and like now, my body naturally weaned. After Link's last doctor's appointment, he's now able to incorporate dairy and 1 oz of regular milk into his bottles which is great. So by the time he hits one, his stomach will have already gotten used to the idea of regular milk products. I still have a freezer supply of about 30 days (in the NEW freezer). Between nursing him in the am and after meals, I can use the frozen milk as his nighttime bottle until he's about 11 months. Not bad, right?

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The Thornton's said...

Love the pony tail~! And I'm finally almost all dried up too.