Thursday, October 1, 2009


On Tuesday when I get in from work Maddy is all excited and bursting, "Mom, guess what Lincoln can do?!" I tell her she's breaking the rules, that if Linky does something at home for the first time everyone is supposed to keep it to themselves until Mommy can see it for the "first" time. Needless to say, within 30 minutes or so, Lincoln made it quite obvious what he can do...say NANA!! My mother, of course swears she had nothing to do with this and feigned surprise! I'm all sad and dejected b/c can says DaDa and NaNa but still no MAMA, right?! Then this morning I go to nurse him before going in to work and as soon as I walk into his room he says, "MEH"....pause "MEH". I'm ecstatic!!! When mom gets to the house I tell her, and what does she say, "That's not the same as Mama"!

Can I just have my moment?! I mean really!!!!!

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Momma Z said...

That's close enough. B can say like 15 words, that we can kind of understand, but no Daddy or Momma.