Monday, October 19, 2009

All Bundled Up - Day 1

Linky was bundled and happy this morning fir his first day at Tutor
Time. We got there the minute they opened at 6:30. With registration
and me not wanting to leave, I was there until almost 7:30. Link was
completely fine, which should make me happy, but it depressed the hell
outta me walking out and he didn't even bat an eye. Mom actually came
over this morning to help me get ready thankfully and came to "scope"
out the place that would be taking care of her grandson. Didn't matter
one way or another to Link that his mommy, Nana, and Sissy were there,
he was in awe of all the new toys and all the little babies and
toddlers. Hoping I don't keep crying once I get to work. I'm such a

1 comment:

The Thornton's said...

Awe. I bet it was tougher for mommy. He looks adorable all bundled up!