Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Day Before My Storm...

What a positively lovely day today! Most of which was spent under the covers watching the pouring rain and crazy wind outside. We were supposed to do a Breast Cancer walk but it was only 43 degrees this morning and the Walk was at the beach, there was no way I could have brought the kids out in that. I just hope that it was a huge success despite the weather.
Anyhoo, Maddy has been beside herself all day over the fact that Lincoln starts daycare tomorrow, and I can't get her to understand that if she's upset, how the heck does Mommy feel?! It's going to be a crazy day tomorrow. I have to get them both up by 5:30am, dressed, and packed for school. I forgot how much stuff goes into packing for daycare: bottles, diapers, wipes, food, crib sheet, blanket, favorite toy (his doggy that Maddy gave him), wash cloth, baby butt cream...holy crap! And I know I'm going to get there tomorrow and will have forgotten something crucial.
If you're asking why all of a sudden do I have to put him in daycare, well...Nana's Special Ed cases came through. See, my mom, although retired, is still going to be tutoring daycare kids with special needs. The problem is she needs to be to their locations by 9am, further, I can't have hubby come in sleep deprived at 9:30 and have him watch Link. So for the time being, I will be dropping Link at daycare at 6:30 and Maddy at the babysitter's (she will drop Maddy back over to the house for bus pick up at 8:50), Hubby will go home to sleep for a few hours, and then pick up Link by 2pm. Mom won't know how early she'll be done with her cases until the next few days, and then she said she'll come to the house directly or pick Linky up for us. We're still hoping that we can find a "nanny" to come to the house in fill in for my mother...sigh, it just adds to my insane desire to stop working and letting the financial chips fall where they may...sigh...but can't do that.
It's funny, not haha funny, but sweet really that all day today, unlike most, Linky was especially kissy! During breakfast this morning (and the rest of the day), I fed him in my lap rather than the highchair, and I kid you not, between each bite of food he would grab my face and give me the sweetest kisses ever. It's as if he knows mama's upset, right? Moments like that, well, you know what I'm going to say...

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