Thursday, October 15, 2009

Being Silly with Linky

My son is frickin hee-lar-ee-us!!! Recently, he's gotten completely and utterly impatient when it comes to getting breastfed. The other day, Hubby and I are on the couch after dinner and Linky starts pulling on my shirt, but I'm in the midst of chatting with Hubby about my day, so I'm kinda taking my time getting my shirt up. Well, let me tell you! This little boy in his insatiable hunger and impatience, simply saw flesh and went to flesh I mean, I hadn't even gotten the boob out, my shirt was only half way up, and this little greedy monster started sucking on my belly button!! Hubby and I were in hysterics, and the more he kept stopping in confusion as to why isn't any milk coming out, but I'll try again, the more we hollered! Man, by the time I actually got the boob out for he, he was ready to knock us both out! Greedy Monster! LMAO.

Lincoln has also taken to growling his complaints, he doesn't cry when he wants to be picked up he does this very primal growling grunt, that again, just makes us all laugh. Maddy thinks it's the funniest thing since sliced bread.

I just finished telling one of my BFs that the one way I know for sure that Linky is my baby (since he's Hubby's mini-me) is because of his facial expressions. My sweet little man can give such looks now! Especially with strangers! Ooh, you better not try to touch him, squeeze his cheeks, or pull his hand if he doesn't know you! He does this lean back, tilt the head to the side, raised eyebrow thing that just screams, "I know you did not just touch me!" Too funny! And I have to swear to people that I DID NOT teach him that!

Anyhoo, here are some really cute pics I took tonight while getting him ready for bed...he decided in the middle of putting on his pjs that he just had to go play with his jumbo box of baby wipes!

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