Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is everyone as happy as I am that Spring is finally here??

I was able to enjoy a positively wonderful weekend thanks to the Mother Nature finally making an appearance! After having the two longest days of the school year (parent-teacher conference) I arranged for a sitter and told hubby: We Are Going OUT! We made sure to include the kids and sitter (aka former student turned daughter and big sister, Lolo) to see Alice In Wonderland. It was great! Lincoln sat through the entire movie from opening credits to closing credits, I have perfected the movie-naptime! The movie was funny, colorful, and quite entertaining (what movie of Johnnie Depp isn't? Or is it just me?). All of us enjoyed ourselves.

Afterwards we ran home, changed clothes and went out for dinner at a local spot our neighbors have been telling us about since we moved in 4 years ago, Crossroads. The place is a mom & pop type restaurant with a full separate bar for late night hangouts. The food was fantastic! I had shrimp in a garlic, wine, and butter sauce over linguine, and hubby had this huge shrimp, sausage, grilled chicken with seasoned veggies over linguine. His plate was so huge that he actually took half home. Me, the pig that I am, ate almost all of mine. The cocktails were good too, I had an apples-n-oranges martini that you could actually taste both fruits! Plus the waitress left the remainder of the shaker with another half a glass worth that I gobbled up, she got major cool points for that.

Then we decided to try this local R&B club, IKON, who knew there were so many of us in the neighborhood? Hubby and I were dumbstruck that we'd been living here for four years and this was the most we'd seen of people that looked like us in one setting. We enjoyed a few more drinks commented on everyone that walked in the door (isn't it fun to people watch sometimes?), enjoyed the music and the vibe, and the music videos playing on the flat screens all over the lounge. I had an amazing night and was so happy to get out and have some fun with my superovertimehaving husband for a change.

On Saturday, our accountant came over bright and early to help us make some hard decisions over our finances. One of the biggest ones is that we will not be going to the family reunion in Grenada this year (was so looking forward to renewing our vows on a white sandy beach with the whole family there). She made it very clear that there will be other family reunions and it has to be a priority for the both of us to work on a budget that will get us out of debt sooner than later. That was the only sucky part of my weekend. Budgeting sucks but we gotta do what we gotta do. I had a chapter meeting where it is always fun to see my Sorors and be around likeminded women. That quickly erased the ugly truth about finances even for just a few hours. After that I went home, had some leftovers, put Linky to bed, watched, Legion with hubby (not that great), and passed out by 10:30 (not that young anymore, hanging out late on a Friday night had me exhausted).

And today was the sweetest day, took my lovelies on a walk to the park for our first spring day! It was so much fun watching Maddy run after Lincoln who absolutely loved the slide and the tunnels and the swing. We would put Lincoln up on the play gym on one end and Maddy would run on the opposite side to surprise him in the tunnel and he would just squeal with delight. And the slide! By the time we were getting ready to go he was a pro at it, even decided to slide face first a few times! Here are the pics from the day:

FYI - The downstairs boss lady spoke to the upstairs boss lady and said bad student will not be coming back to my class! Amen!

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Christine said...

He is just too HANDSOME!!!! I am glad to see you are doing well.