Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Things A Happenin!

Maddy just completed both the fourth grade ELA and Math test last week and this week- Yay! Plus this is the last week for Wednesday religious instructions - Yay for Daddy having to no longer rush out to get her there with Linky in tow afterschool. Her class is having a end year class party and everyone is to bring something in. I tell her, you can bring in a bag of potato chips, and do you know she looked at me with hands on hip and asked incredulously, "That's it?!" I tried to explain that as a teacher when you have a class and you ask everyone to bring something in, there is always too much food left over. She, of course, is under the impression that everyone is bringing in a three course meal with appetizer and desserts!! These kids!

Oh, and before I forget this little tidbit...We get a message on the answering machine from that same mother from last time, this time the message says...actually let me rewind this story. David tells me about a week ago that I need to talk to Maddy about the messages she leaves on people's answering machines, that we got a message from her friend's mom complaining that Maddy left this long message about somebody not liking her and that they all needed to get together and have a meeting to discuss this. He tells me that the mother said the message went on and on for about 20 minutes. Fine. So I have a loooooooong talk with Maddy about answering machine ettiquette and that when her friends are not home to just leave a message asking the parents if whoever it is can call her back. I further went on to explain that it's not the friend's house it's their parents' house. She said she understood and that was the end of it, right? Wrong!!! Well, I noticed that our answering machine hadn't been cleared in a few days and decided to sort through it (Mind you, now that Hubby is home, he gets the messages first and half the time I don't get my messages at all). I get to the message from the mom! HOLY CRAP did Hubby have it all wrong!! Maddy left her friend, N, a message telling N how much her mother didn't like her! What?! How N and her mom, should have a meeting with Maddy to discuss the issues or that N should talk to her mom about not letting Maddy over there anymore. What?!?! I had to now ground her after the fact for calling the mother "mean" and whatnot. She's 9 folks! She'll be 10 in three weeks, what am I going to do when she hits 13?? UGH!

Speaking of the big One Zero!! I decided to finally sign her up for Girl Scouts for her 10th birthday since just about every girl in her school, neighborhood and block is in it! Can't wait to surprise her with it!! I can't believe she's moving into the double digits! There's no turning back now!

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