Sunday, April 24, 2011

Trying Yet Another Hair Salon

Got a little time for myself compliments of the hubbz to get my hair done. More attempts at cheering myself up.

When I made the decision to go natural some of my desire was from the lack of personal care I was getting from my hair dresser. When I first found my previous hair dresser she had just moved her salon on Long Island and was all about getting to know her clients. But as the years passed, her sophisticated salon started looking like all the others. While the was no eating by clients she was constantly leaving in the middle of doing hair to get food and then eat while doing hair. Then the wait time to get done went from 5 to 10 to almost an hour before even getting in the chair. She would quadruple book, then her assistant would be the one doing your hair and she would come over, spend a few minutes on your hair and charge over $100 for a touch-up? Huh?

She had no idea what was going on with my hair anymore, her prices were steadily getting more and more ridiculous, and the wait ...the wait all but made me want to wrap a curling iron around her neck!

Anyhoo! My mom and aunt just tried a new salon (although he's been in the same location for over 3 yrs). Get this - not only was he "how you doin" and hilariously funny while doing my hair but he's also a 50something year old Caucasian dude. Phil has his salon in the middle of a predominantly urban neighborhood and all of his clients are of color. He had several awards on his walls from the NAACP for his "committed service".

His only assistant was a 50something year old Jamaican woman. Ever watch "Housewives of Atlanta"? Remember how Kim was with Sweety? That's what it was like, only a thousand times funnier! He must've called her a hundred times. And his loud: "Honey, don't let me get started how much she drives me crazy!" while whispering "Chile, she knows how much I love her old ass"!

He definitely knows hair! My hair is still thriving during this transitioning phase. He only needed to cut a half inch of dead ends and just told me to keep moisturizing my hair. He appreciated my request for no heat and created this lovely crown of twists. I'll definitely go back.

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