Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Survival Tips

My uncle, who is an aficionado on hurricanes because he lives in Florida, offered these tips to us for Hurricane Irene:

1. After your last bath, clean the tub, and fill it with water. This will be used for bathing in the event of water cutoff.
2. Fill buckets with water to help with flushing the toilets
3. Cook your meals in advance. Use your sternos or BBQ grills for heating up.
4. Small pots of water for brushing teeth and washing faces.
5. Do your laundry.
6. Make sure to have batteries, flashlights, candles for power outages.
7. Check all gutters and drainage ditches by your home.
8. Remove all deck or outside furniture that can be projectiles during hurricanes.
9. Close all skylights as heavy winds can bend them backwards.
10. Bring in all garbage cans and recycling bins.

And his last and final recommendation in the event power is out for days..."get yourself a gun, cuz the looters will come!". Though he jests, there is some scary truth to his words.

Good luck NY!

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Thought's Daughter said...

Awesome list - it never occurred to me about the sternos! Ingenious!