Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ladies Get Your Squeem On- Review!!

Squeem Compression Shapewear
If you don't have one, then you best ta' get one!!!

So far I've gotten 2 of my girlfriends to get one after my soror recommended it to me.  I'm not going to lie that the first time I put it on I thought I was going to die!!  You're supposed to wear it for 8-10 hours, I barely made it to 3 hours.

It literally sucks all of your fat in, gives you a nice hour glass shape, props your boobies up, and forces you to sit and stand up straight.  I wouldn't recommend if you have a job sitting at a desk all day because the boning with start to aggravate you by your ribs (thus the forcing to sit upright to avoid the boning stabbing you).

After you take it off, it does hold your shape for a good hour or so afterwards...obviously the longer you wear it the longer it will hold your shape.

I took some pics of me trying to get it on...quite hilarious when you see the fat sticking out between the fasteners.
With the Squeem...notice the waist and booblift
Without the Squeem...
Look at how much of my gut vanishes!!

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