Friday, August 8, 2014

Popcorn and Coffee

Not the morning got drink nor the salty snack you have at the movies. These fun titles belong to Coffee, our 9 year old boxer/lab, and Popcorn, our latest addition, a 6 month old puggle.

It took us almost 2 months to get this happy sharing of bed quarters!

It was a rocky start. Popcorn kept pissing and pooping in Coffee's bed trying to assert herself as Queen, and Coffee would just stand there looking helpless.  Then if Popcorn wasn't doing that she was ripping Coffee's bed to shreds.  We went through 2 beds for Coffee, and 2 beds for Popcorn. Anything with stuffing was demolished! We asked her vet what we should do, his advice? Get rid of all bedding and only use blankets, which of course isn't fair to our old lady but it's either that or we keep buying beds.  

Then there was the 5am wake up calls in the morning from Popcorn in her crate, and I just couldn't take it anymore. So now we only crate Popcorn when we're out of the house, and her blanket became both of their beds. When we got Coffee, she was a year and fully trained and it is like having a baby all over again with Popcorn.  Lost teeth, potty training, crying in the middle of the night, etc. is all new to me.  I've been watching YouTube videos and reading lots of puppy blogs. 

Oh yeah, and she's quite the escape artist.  Not only did we have to put a harbinger on the crate but also a lock.  She figured out how to lift the handle and slide it open.  When we fixed that she figured out how to just push the gate door just enough to squeeze out the bottom of it. 

Friends and family were like "you're crazy to get a puppy this time in your life! That's TWO dogs?!" But I guess I was having a moment one day. Hysterectomy last year left me with a nagging feeling every time I was around new babies and I just felt I "needed" her in my life, you know? There you have it. I'll have to tell the story another time!

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