Friday, August 8, 2014

The teen and the tot Updates!

LMy teenager!!  She's 14 now and about to start high school! My goodness!

My Link! He's 5 now and best word to describe him would be precocious!


Jen said...

Oh my word...a 14 year old???? That's who I teach every day and I must say, I'm worried about when mine reach that age! :) She's beautiful!! (And it took me a second to figure out who was mom and who was daughter.)

And little Link looks like a fun kid. I love the hair!!!

Glad to get to catch up with you. It's so fun to see someone with a fairly similar life (wife, mom, teacher) in such a different location from my own. I love my relatively small town (well, 80,000+), but I'm also obsessed with big cities. Spent some time in Chicago and DC this spring and summer and a little part of me would love to live there. :) Now I need to visit NYC!

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

Thanks for the compliment! Link is extremely fun and I have stories for days... Need to share them! Visit NY ANYTIME!!!