Friday, March 21, 2008

Had to take 7yr old to the IVF doctor...whew!

Quick story, I had my BT and U/S this morning and that was so stressful because my mom had to back out of watching my 7yr old daughter which meant at 6:30 this morning I had to get her up on "her" vacation to come sit in the doctors office. Mind you my daughter is very perceptive and we haven't told her what we're doing and I had nightmares all last night of her figuring it out and being her worried about it all. So I woke her up and had a little bribery sit down that started like this: "How would you like to have an awesome Mommy and Maddy day?!" Of course she was all excited until she found out she had to sit quietly in the office waiting room with her headphones on watching her portable dvd and not move a muscle. I was literally shaking when we walked in because I couldn't visualize the office, I couldn't remember if there were obvious "baby trying" signs all over the place. Needless to say there weren't any! My DD was the picture of a perfect child, she sat down, plugged herself in, and was lost in Cinderella until my appointment was over, about 45 minutes later. I think it worked for her because it was blood work, sit with her, U/S, sit with her, speak to doctor....LEAVE!

Then I did as promised: We hit the mall, I bought her an Easter dress w/pocket book and then bought myself an all white dress for a surprise party I have tomorrow night (I also bought some Fanks...fake hide my fat). Then we had lunch at Ruby Tuesday, bought DH a tie and went to get manicures. She was in her glory...and oddly, so was I!!! =)

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