Saturday, March 29, 2008

Holy Man Made Period Batman!!!

Before I start my lovely period monologue, we had some hiccups this week in the IVF struggle. Firstly, DH's insurance changed and he was unaware thus putting a stop to his going to do the semen analysis...I tried really hard not to freak, since I have my next U/S and BW on 3/31 and I know the process picks up speed after that. After a few days of panic, I finally found out yesterday that his insurance is good to go, and he's scheduled to go in on Wed. (Phew) Then there was the whole thyroid issue and infertility connection. I spoke with my RE and explained what my gen. doc. had told me, and she reassured me that they would be watching my thyroid levels with each BT, including the upcoming one on Monday. She also broke down a little time line for me, like to hear it, here it go: (an approximation, of course, since body could alter dates)
  1. Lupron 10 days - 3/31
  2. Start Follistim shots for 10 days - 4/9
  3. HCG shot - 4/9
  4. Egg Retrieval - 4/10, 4/11, or 4/12
  5. Egg Transfer: 3 day blasts - 4/13 or 5 day blasts - 4/18
  6. Two week wait for beta - 5/2 at the latest = BABY!!! (OR BABIES!!!)

Now the horror show...

I awoke yesterday morning for work and thought there was a massacre in my bed. OMG! My RE said it would be like a typical period, but um, NO! It has not been, it's like godzilla's and King Kong's period wrapped into one...EESSHH!! And now that I'm off the BCPs the Lupron headache!!?? Oh, no! I ended up with a Lupron Ocular Migraine that blew out the sinus in my left eye! Ouch! So picture me, in my high school sitting at my desk with my left hand over my left eye and my right hand massaging my right ovary...I was quite the sigtht let me tell you.

Say it with me every one:
"It's all for a good cause, It's all for a good cause, It's all for a good cause..."

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