Monday, March 17, 2008

Saline Sonogram or Saline Sonohystogram

So I had the saline sono today. Talk about a crazy morning. Like to hear about it, here it go:
Got up at 5:15, got ready for work, got daughter ready for school.
6:15 drop her at sitter and get to work at 6:45.
My first class is at 7:30, so I teach through first and second period, remind my coworker she has to cover my 3rd period class.
Leave school at 9:05, sit in traffic, arrive at office at 9:35.
Get called into the inner office at 9:45.
Get called into ultrasound room at 10
Sit there with the stupid paper sheet on my lap for 25 minutes. Waddle to the door to see if they forgot about me, Dr outside talking to patient, "So sorry, didn't forget you, will be right in"
10:30 Dr comes in, remind her of latex allergy. She explains that the Sonohystogram is done to check the walls of the uterus and create a map for the retrieval and transfer. She cleans inside with a betadine(I think?) then inserts the cathader to distribute the saline in to the uterus. It feels like your peeing on yourself (for a lack of technical terminology). Then she conducts an internal sonogram. When it's over I have mild cramping, and they give me a pad to catch any residual saline. Plus she gives me 2 Motrin with some water before I leave.
Then I leave there and rush back to work for 6th period and make it back at around 11:05. So I managed it in about 2 hours.

For the rest of the day it felt like I had a phantom heavy period. I would feel these extreme "gushes", run to the bathroom expecting to have either soaked the pad or bled out. Surprisingly each time there was nothing there. Very uncomfortable feeling...but the best part after enduring it? My walls look GREAT! Did you ever think you could be thrilled to hear your uterine walls look good, as if someone were giving decorating tips. I don't care as long as that helps my little eggies stick when the time comes!!

Tune in for HSG wednesday!!

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