Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My harrowing experience leading up to trigger shot day!!

(as written in my journal)
Last night was rough!! I had diarhea and vomiting! I was pissed too with the emergency contact number, they refused to help me b/c they insisted that the Mineola office (my office) was open until 7pm last night. I kept calling from 3:45-6:45 yesterday and no one picked up. Not to mention that I left 2 messages on the night mail box with no call backs. After getting a low grade fever (100.3 - which I think primarily came from laying with a heating pad on for 3 hours). When I am finally sobbing on the phone the emergency receptionist finally patches a Mineola nurse to me. She in turn gives me a heart attack saying that if I have a viral infection this will be a wasted cycle! OMG!! SERIOUSLY!! So naturally, I freak the f$%@ out, she tries to calm me down by saying if my retrieval is not until Thursday, I should be fine. I just can't go into retrieval with a fever of any kind. Now here's where an active/anxious imagination can get you in trouble. The nausea, diarhea and vomiting came from that damn garlic pizza Lean Cuisine (which explains why I couldn't finish it - EXPIRED!!) And the fever, HA HA, the F@#$ing heating pad. This morning temp down to 99 and I had some toast with ginger ale and 2 tylenols.

Whew! Now to see what the nurses/doctor says. I really hope to see my RE today, she just has a way of making me feel better, plus she's the doctor not a nurse (not that nurses don't know their stuff - she would just make me feel secure) I haven't seen my RE in about a week, I kinda miss her, you know? DH was great though. He got our daughter all fed last night, made me soup, bought me ginger ale, got the bucket for the puke (thank God I made it to the bathroom), then he got the needles set up for my nightly shots (almost by himself), and gave me my doses of Lupron & Follistim. I had to put a bandaid on after the Lupron shot, b/c I think he hit a vein or something or maybe b/c I was laying down...boy did I bleed. Then he proceeded to cleanup the kitchen, set up daughter's milk, and comfort me until he fell asleep. I love him so much right now. I was knocked out myself by 9pm last night.

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