Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can I rant for a few moments?!

I can? Great! I am so sick of the back and forth with my current job status. Last night the rep called me late to return my Tuesday phone call (mind you it was almost 9 last night when he called, I left a message early Tuesday he "claims" to have not received my message from Friday). All I have been asking for the past week is for someone, I don't care who, to point me to the Medical Bureau with a contact person and a number. I didn't think I was asking for the 8th wonder of the world. I was told last night, not a week ago when I started this process, that I first had to put in writing to my principal a request for accommodation or else the medical bureau would not entertain my request. Then I had to fill out the medical accommodations form and mail it to the medical bureau. Once I do both, I would wait for my appointment and have a rep go with me to see if I can get the approval for the paraprofessional to push me in the wheelchair. The rep kept insisting that I could find this request simply on our union website - people there are about 40 different links to 40 different forms. All I needed was a name and number to make sure I was taking necessary action. He couldn't give me that but instead assured me he would email me the direct link to the form which would have the address and phone number on it, but insisted I still had to take the steps he told me first. Plus he tells me to avoid any further frustration to just make him my point of contact person. OK, Fine! So what do I do? First thing this morning, right after I got my daughter off to school. I waddled upstairs to the office (not supposed to do, but I needed the printer). I followed the link from Rep's email, printed the form, filled it out and signed it. Then I drafted up a letter to my principal and copied a whole slew of people, printed it and signed it. I stuck the form and letters into envelopes, and then I thought to be truly efficient I'd email a copy to all to insure a quicker response as this is the 4th day of school. Right? You following along. Then I waddle back downstairs, waddle over to my neighbor to ask if they'd mind wisking me off to the post office to get the letters in the first mail batch. Done! I get back home, still haven't had breakfast mind you! Then I say let me call the number on the form to speak to someone at the medical bureau just to be on the safe side and let them know the steps I've taken. Guess what?!! The number is a non-working number!! Are you serious?!! YES!! Again, I'm forced to call the main number to be shifted around mercilessly until finally I get someone on the phone who points me to the woman in charge of medical accommodations. Here's the best part, are you ready? She tells me it doesn't matter what steps I've taken, they only make medical accommodations for long term disabilities not short term disabilities, and she wished I had spoken to her before doing anything!! REALLY?? She goes on to tell me that the only way to get the accommodation now is if my principal pays for one...which I already know is not in our budget.


Ok, now I must accept the fact that I will not be returning to work and my last pay check will be Nov. 15. Breathe!


Jen said...

Oh girl! I can't say I completely understand YOUR situation, but I can sympathize with your feelings toward the educational bureaucracy! I'm a teacher, too, and some things just DON'T MAKE SENSE!!! Even here at our district level, they do stupid things. DH is an asst principal at another school, and he got a letter last week from the central office wanting written verification of his absence from Aug 5-8, due to his "wife having a baby". Okay, if they KNOW his wife was having a baby, why do they need a letter to PROVE it!! He called to find out what they wanted for proof, and they just said they'd copy the info from my personnel file! Why did they waste the paper and postage to send him a letter when they could get it from MY file???

I know where you're comin' from!!!

Deserving Mom said...

Thanks Jen, I'm glad I'm not alone but it's still sad how many hoops they make their staff jump through just to have a baby. EESH!

Christine said...

Oh sweetie - this is just not right. doesnt the school also have a LTD policy for you, once you are out for 12wks, it should kick in to assist is some funds coming in.

Deserving Mom said...

That's what i have to check into now :-)

CBCD: Candian-Born Confused Desi said...

I didn't become a teacher for these types of Catch-22s that the DOE is known for (across the nation, at that!). But, you know what, this might be fate's way of making sure you and Slinky are a-okay in the months to come. :) I also feel massively unknowledgable in comparison to what other momma-bloggers have to say about this, so excuse me if I sound silly and naive! =X

Anyway, I need to see new photos of you and your glowing, growing little munchkin. Any idea on when you'll be posting them here/on FB? ^_^

P.S. I've been posting on my blog, so check it out for some serious election ranting! :)

Deserving Mom said...

You do have a point about destiny, and DOE has about a few more days before I let it go.

Bonnie said...

All I have to say is ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm so sorry about all the hoop jumping you've had to go through, and all for naught. What a bunch of IDIOTS. Well, just rest and try not to stress. Have a happy and healthy baby. AND whatever happens, do NOT allow him to become a teacher in NYC.
Your Loving Work Mommy!