Thursday, November 20, 2008

If I thought I was sick yesterday...

...Man was I wrong. How is it that my entire time on bedrest not a sniffle, not a cough, nothing. One day off bedrest and I'm sick as a dog. Chills, stuffy/runny nose, my throat hurts and I know it's bad b/c everything is dark yellow (I know - gross), but at least you know I'm not exaggerating. Plus the pulled muscle in my shoulder from sleeping wrong Tuesday night still hurts like hell. I've tried the hot pack and DH even rubbed his good muscle cream on it last night, but lo and behold, woke up this morning and feels just as horrible as yesterday.

Then to add to my misery, I wake up this morning to get daughter ready for school, and I check the forcast - 32 degrees and flurries possible?!?! I look out the window and guess what? Yup, Flurries! Did I mention I have my weekly appointment with OB1 today? Eesh!

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