Tuesday, November 18, 2008


How did I spend my first day of freedom? Well, first I did a mini-Beyonce strut in my living room. LOL. Even the dog seemed amused. I took a shower, did my hair, and off I went to run my own errands. Of course, that started with a pit stop at the nail salon. I figured this may be my last shot to get it done before going into labor. Then my daughter has a super timeline project due on thursday that requires oak tag so I did a quick jaunt to Michael's. Right next door to that was Kohl's where I had to get her a hat and gloves (since almost all of her winter accessories are lost, missing pairs, or shot to hell). Lastly, I went to Walbaums for a handful of groceries. I felt so liberated. I did make the mistake of letting a craving ruin dinner. While passing the seafood section (love seafood), I noticed they had seafood sausages, and I thought that sounds so good! I bought a package of that and sweet italian turkey sausage, and a few other things. I went home and grilled both with some white rice, zuccini, and black beans. Now everything tasted great...except the craved seafood sausage. DH hated it, DD hated it, and yes, I folded mine in a napkin and hated it too (all the while asking them to try it). Lesson learned: don't let craving override common sense. DH said to save that kind of experimentation for a real seafood restaurant.

Anyway, all-in-all, first day of freedom went pretty sweetly. Who knows what we'll do tomorrow. ;-)

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Video games And Petri Dish said...

wooooohoooo , im soo happy your free!!!!! sry about the sucky hosp experience booooooooooo but heck enjoy your freedom til the munchkin comes